McBraley Chicken Snack Wrap

We're McDonald's people. It's not like we eat there 5 times a week or anything, but I am a huge advocate of McDonald's products. McFlurries, are you kidding me? Nothing is tastier. And I love the Happy Meals, I love the plain ol' burger, I love the fries, and I loooove the grilled chicken snack wraps with honey mustard. But I think what I love most of all about McDonald's is that the experience of going to get a Happy Meal is as special for my 4 year old niece as it was for me when I was her age. McDonald's is a company that continues to evolve with the market space, and yet it has remained so classic at the same time. 

So, inspired by the McDonald's snack wrap, we decided to start making our own at home. Nothing about this post is particularly innovative or special or unique. But, it was tasty so I feel obligated to share it with you.  All you need is chicken, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, tortillas, and honey mustard.

I started by rubbing my boneless, skinless chicken breasts with this amazing stuff:
I grilled the chicken for about 7 minutes on each side, then sliced it into little bitty pieces.

I used Mission whole wheat tortillas, which were delicious.  I piled it high with chicken, lettuce, tomato, and chopped avocado.  Then I took this honey mustard:
And mixed about a tablespoon of it with about a teaspoon of honey mustard vinaigrette to thin it out a bit. Yum. I could eat honey mustard by the spoonful. Then, drizzle it all over the top:
Doesn't that look wonderful and delicious? It was. Of course if I were at McDonald's I would have ordered two....the McBraley's aren't at that level of efficiency quite yet, so we had to settle for one.

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