Backyard Dinner Party

One of the worst things about living in Texas is being far away from family. One of the best things, however, is having them visit - particularly when it is 75 and sunny in Dallas, and mid-30s where they're from.  John's parents came to visit last weekend, and we had the best time. We ate a lot of amazing dinners out, but on the last night we decided to have everyone over to our house for a relaxing backyard dinner party. 

Here they are, don't they look fun? John's dad Hank is missing from the photo, but he was there and he's fun too.
John and his mom Jane went hard to work on our yard that afternoon and added about 20 new plants. I'm getting into the whole yard thing a little more slowly, but have decided this year I might start trimming the roses. For now, I'm more into the cooking.

For dinner, I served my Honey BBQ Chicken, only I added a couple scoops of apricot jelly.
Along with Grilled Vegetable Salad
And Caramel Chocolate Bars
It was an easy, fun, relaxing dinner. Dallas has had a beautiful Spring, and it was fun to share our new home and life with our family.