The Real Deal Sloppy Joe

I've posted about sloppy joe's before, but neither of them are the ones I really make regularly.  The first time I was trying to be fancy, and the second time I was trying to be healthy.  But, on any given Sunday when I really make sloppy joe's, these are the real deal. And quite frankly I never posted about them because I never knew how much of anything I used. I just start squirting things into the pan until they taste like my sloppy joe's.  

Well this past week, I used measuring cups. So here ya go.

**side note: this is my husband's MOST requested dinner.  Chicken Parm is a close second.

Start browning the meat (I typically use 90% so that we can eat the leftovers all week without feeling guilty, but 80% does create a sloppier joe. Another option is to get the 80%, and drain a little of the fat).  Add the onions and cook for several minutes until meat is browned and onions are cooked. Add water and oil if necessary (90% meat will need some added moisture).  Mix in the remaining ingredients and simmer for several minutes to allow the flavors to meld. Have fun eating these! I like mine with pickles.