Delicious Creamed Corn with Green Chile

It’s hatch pepper season in Texas! They are taking over the grocery stores! And forcing Central Market to sample 5,000 hatch chile products daily - forcing me to stop in Central Market for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The marketing strategy works; each year, hatch pepper events at the store inspire me to cook something different with them. This year, the victim was creamed corn. And I don't think it would complain.

This was delicious, and could be an all-time favorite summertime side dish. My husband loved it too, but he thinks corn is so good I could have added even less mayo (it was just BARELY creamy, so I have to say I respectfully disagree with that critique). But, add more or less mayo based on your personal capacity for creaminess.


Start by cooking the onions in a bit of olive oil over medium heat.  Add the corn kernels and green chile (add a few seeds for more heat), and season with S&P. Cook through, stirring every few minutes until corn and chiles are tender.  Reduce heat to low, and mix in the butter and mayo. Transfer to a serving bowl, and top with plenty of queso fresco and a sprinkle of paprika.  This dish makes me wish summer wasn't coming to an end. 

Oh wait, summer doesn't seem to end until November in Texas.