Kale Salad with Creamy Poppyseed Dressing

People got on the kale bandwagon a long time ago.  In fact so long ago I think they have moved on to something else.  Well, I'm late to the game but HOLY $%#@ I LOVE KALE. THIS SALAD WAS SO GOOD. Like so good I never want another salad again.  I dressed the salad a couple hours before serving to help relieve a little bit of bitterness and crunch from the kale – and I think that was the secret to liking it so much.  The super sweet dressing pairs perfectly with the bitter crunch, and after a few hours of marinading the kale turned into a perfect little bowl of deliciousness.  You can actually even dress the salad several hours or the night before serving, making this a super easy make ahead dish.

Mix the kale, craisins, and almonds in a large bowl.  Make the salad dressing of mayo, milk, sugar, vinegar, poppy seeds, and salt.  Toss the salad with about half of the dressing.  Before serving, add the avocado to the salad and toss with the remaining dressing (or less to taste).  I ate this the next day and it was sooooo good leftover (with grilled salmon on top!).

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