Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes

I wished I had a closer photo of the mashed potatoes, but now that I realize someone put  white slotted plastic ladle in as a serving utensil I am glad I don't. I'm willing to bet that was my sister's doing. Or my husband's. Too late to fingerprint it.

Anyway, this will forever be my only mashed potato recipe. I'm done researching and testing; this is the only one you need.  And really, it's not rocket science. Good mashed potatoes have one thing in common: fat.


After boiling the potatoes until fork tender, drain and keep them over medium-low heat to dry out a bit.  When most of the water/steam has escaped, mash them and mix in all ingredients. Serve immediately, or put in a bowl to serve later (and reserve a bit of stock or potato water to mix in before reheating).