Green Chile Mac 'n Cheese

I'm on the hatch chile bandwagon.  I've always been perplexed why grocery stores in Texas incorporate the New Mexican hatch chile into EVERYTHING this time of year, but now I've figure out why: they are good in everything. Yes, everything. And this recipe is probably my fave, by far. Cheese, corn, a bit of green chile's like these flavors were meant to be together.  Like Peanut butter and jelly.  Like ham and cheese. Like bread and butter. Like cookies and milk.  Like me and all food.

Start by cooking the pasta until almost done in heavily salted water (a couple tablespoons).  Cook about 2-3 minutes less than the cooking time, then drain. 

In a saucepan,  melt the butter over medium heat and saute the onion until translucent.  Turn heat to low. Whisk in the flour to create a roux.  Slowly whisk in the cream and milk. Stir in all of the jack cheese, 2 cups of the cheddar, and about 1/2 teaspoon salt (more or less to taste).  Squeeze in the lime juice, then stir in the corn and chiles.  Add the pasta.  Spray a large baking dish with nonstick spray, add the pasta, then top with the remaining cheddar and breadcrumbs.  Bake uncovered for about 25 minutes.

You will love,  I think! These people did! I think.

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