Kangaroo Burger...

I ate one. Actually my co-worker Curt did, but he gave me a bite of it. I admire his desire to eat regionally (we were in Singapore), but it really just tasted like an under seasoned turkey burger.

I decided to keep things more Wisconsin that night, with a pizza full of meat and cheese. I demanded we order this 'boomerang pizza' as an appetizer, which given the name, probably had a piece of kangaroo in it as well. Between my food obsession and my other co-worker Robie's taste for fine wine, we have mastered the art of eating out (and running up the dinner bill).
The following night we ate a traditional Singaporean meal, which was DELICIOUS. Seriously, I loved every ounce of it. 

This, here, is something called Chinese Rojak:
It is fruit (all sorts of fruit, many hard to identify) and vegetables, marinated in some delicious peanut- tasting sauce with bits of fried tofu and peanuts. I ate this entire bowl, it was so tasty. It is probably one of those things you think is healthy because of the fruit, but it has as many calories as a Big Mac.

Then we had lightly fried tofu dipped in the same sauce as the Rojak (which was amazing probably because of that magical sauce)....And a fried noodle dish that was so full of flavor and spice....And something called 'carrot cake,' which was my call and entirely misleading because it is not cake at all. It is roasted root vegetables in a dark thick sauce, with a fried egg mixed in.
Combine all of this with La Minga Cabernet-Merlot (I'm determined to find it here) - and Johnny Walker Black for the boys - it was one of my top 5 dinners of all time.