Best Birthday Cake Ever

My birthday was over a week ago, but due to work travel and other life distractions I'm just getting around to blogging about the best birthday cake ever.

Not surprisingly, cake is always the focal point of my birthday. MONTHS ago (literally), my friend Annie asked if she could be in charge of my birthday cake this year. I don't think I've ever felt so special. YES, yes of course you can be in charge of my birthday cake, with plenty of time to plan and brainstorm. It is a huge job. 

She started by asking the typical cake questions: favorite flavor, favorite frosting, etc. Then came the strange ones: favorite color, list of my favorite hobbies... Hm. What kind of magical cake is this?!?

Turns out a very magical cake. Annie had her wedding cake designer, Fancy Cakes by Lauren, make me a very customized and SUPER DELICIOUS chocolate cake. Layered, vanilla frosting, soooo moist and flavorful. On the top of it was a frosting cutout of myself (or someone that looked a lot like me), and all around the edge were little cutouts of my favorite hobbies: shopping, cooking, traveling, drinking.  How cute and thoughtful is that? Best birthday cake ever.  THANK YOU ANNIE.