Chili Crabs in Singapore

Forgive me for being so absent! I was in Singapore last week, and I was literally flying for about 4 days... leaving me little time for cooking and blogging. Lucky for you I have some banana bread in the oven right now that I will be sharing with you later.

But first I have to share my experience in Singapore with their famous Chili Crabs at Jumbo's.  
Jumbo's is a fresh seafood restaurant on the East Coast of the island, known best for their chili and pepper crabs. Live Sri Lankan Crabs, stir fried in a super savory chili gravy - or pepper gravy - depending on your preference.
Amazing. Messy, but amazing. Note the beautiful bib they give you.
Those are not all my drinks, I assure you.

Here are the crabs pre-chili, looking pretty excited to be there.
Another delicious thing there was the Cereal Shrimp. Jumbo Tiger Shrimp stir fried in oat cereal and curry. They taste just like shrimp covered in Frosted Flakes. Sounds gross, but I assure you it isn't.
More cereal than shrimp, it made me want some milk.

Anyway, the best part about all of my international travel is getting to try so many different I thought I'd share. Jumbo's is a must if you ever make it to the far East.