Punch Bowl Mojitos

To make sure you all have a good time this weekend....
Place the mint leaves in a large ziploc bag, and add the sugar. Seal the bag, then roll a wooden rolling pin (or something similar...my generation has devalued the importance of the rolling pin)..... over the mint and sugar mixture for about 30 seconds to bruise the leaves. Pour the mixture into a punch bowl (or large pitcher if you're making a smaller batch). Next, add the lime juice. Lucky for me I discovered that Central Market sells fresh lime juice by the quart, right after I had a mini-meltdown when I juiced about 30 limes by hand and it yielded about 1 cup of juice. I've always wondered why people buy juicers. Now I know.

Finally, pour in the rum and club soda, mix thoroughly and top with plenty of freshly sliced limes. Serve over ice in the backyard with Jimmy Buffett blasting on your iPod.

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