Movies truly have a way of inspiring people. They can highlight issues that often aren't spoken about quite so publicly, and bring a whole new perspective to the mind of the viewer.  I can think of so many movies that have impacted me in some way, whether it be the messaging, the acting, the historical significance, or the simple comic relief. Often, the most significant quotes or lines from a movie are a big part of the lasting influence it has on us. I'd like to talk about one such quote that has left a lasting impression on me. For all the stupid comedies and light-hearted ridiculous quotes Will Ferrell has delivered through the years, once in a while he comes up with something truly genius, truly pivotal, and something applicable to all of our lives.


Wow. Doesn't that just hit home? Really, Ma, where was the meatloaf? Why were you not bringing it fast enough? And in a more global and far-reaching sense, why aren't we (we being society) eating more meatloaf?

Thank you, Will (aka Chaz), for bringing this issue to the forefront. We needed a cold hard dose of reality. Unfortunately, I know exactly why people don't eat more meatloaf, and in some cases even frown upon it. It's because 'loaf' is in the name. Meatloaf. A loaf of meat. Gross. 

I'm here today to stop the madness and get people on the meatloaf bandwagon; stop being so shallow and get past the name - you won't regret it.

I got this recipe from my co-worker Trent, and let me tell you it is particularly delicious. The first time we talked about it, he described the meatloaf in such detail that I literally dreamed about it all night long. I think I took the meatloaf shopping with me, and he ended up being a real drag so I ate him. 

Anyway, I made a few modifications to this recipe because we're not garlic eaters (if you are, you can add up to 3 chopped cloves and a pinch of garlic powder), and we love brown sugar so I added a bit more. Thank you Trent for this recipe - I will be making it again and again and again. 

For the meat:
For the sauce:
Optional additions to the baking pan:
Preheat the oven to 350. Start by sauteeing the onions for about 10 minutes in a little bit of olive oil. In a bowl, mix the meat, parsley, bread crumbs, egg, and onion when it's ready. Add about 1/2 teaspoon each of salt and pepper.
In a separate bowl, mix together all the liquid ingredients. Add about 3/4 cup of the liquid mixture to the meat.
Mix everything together with your squeaky clean hands.

Next, form the meat into a loaf (there's really no better word here - log, roll, hunk) a greased pan large enough to leave some space on the edges.
Pour the rest of the sauce over it...
And now here is a very optional but very delicious step - surround the meatloaf with plenty of sliced onions, carrots, and whatever vegetables you enjoy. We added mushrooms as well, but you don't want those to go in the oven right away.
Drizzle a little olive oil over the vegetables, and sprinkle it all with salt and pepper. Bake for about 1 hour. If you are adding mushrooms, throw those in with about 30 minutes to go.  And finally, the moment we've all been waiting for...
 Soooo good...
 And another shot...
Enjoy everyone. And for crying out loud, eat more meatloaf.

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