Mixed-Potato Skillet

It occurred to me at Central Market the other day that I had never so much as looked at another potato besides the russet and the sweet.  I suddenly started to wonder - why had I overlooked the yukon gold, the fingerling, and the red for so long? And more importantly, what did they have to offer that someone even took the time to grow such a wide variety of this so-called starch?

I decided it was time to find out. And instead of managing this potato research in individual cases, I decided to perform my study as an all-inclusive potato-finding.

The result? A wonderful collaboration of textures, flavors, and colors that makes this side dish a real winner. 

Start by washing all the potatoes. I just read somewhere that potatoes are the one thing you should always wash before you cook. So I just started doing that.
Start by boiling the potatoes in a large pot of water - about 20 minutes. Make sure the potatoes are very tender.  Meanwhile, saute the onion in a large skillet with 1 T of the butter (or olive oil) - about 10 minutes.  When the potatoes are done, transfer them to the large skillet. Using a potato masher, LIGHTLY mash the potatoes. You do not want them to be the consistency of regular mashed potatoes - the large pieces and inclusion of the skins give this dish the amazing texture you want.
Next, add an additional 2-3 tablespoons of butter, salt and pepper, and whole milk.  Stir until combined. Turn on the broiler. When the potatoes are mashed to your liking, remove the skillet from the stove and place them under the broiler until golden brown - just a couple of minutes.
These were a hit - not too crazy but a nice change from your typical mashed potatoes. I have to admit I am happy about the fact that people aren't slaving away farming a bunch of worthless potatoes - they all bring something unique and delicious to the table.

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