Greek Chicken Pitas

Lately my life has consisted of these things: feed the babies, change the babies, stimulate their development, feed & change them some more, go to bed. Wake up, repeat. I feel like I'm on a hamster wheel. Actually not really, because I see them grow and learn in leaps and bounds each day and it's truly the most amazing thing. But you know what I mean! I really do love it all. All except maybe the diaper changing, I could do without that. Can someone invent a diaper changer please? Oh and also a baby burper, if I'm putting in requests.

So, dinner is a real highlight of my day! Babies are sleeping, and my husband and I get to eat a good dinner and catch up on the news and our shows. (although truth be told dinner has always been the highlight of my day. I LOVE IT). We love Greek food so I made Greek chicken pitas this week with a delicious marinade, and I got to use my amazing new Le Creuset grill pan. Oh, it was a great night.

Loved these - perfect for an easy summer dinner party.

Tzatziki Sauce
Prepare the marinade by mixing all ingredients into a bowl. Pour into a large Ziploc, adding the chicken and mixing around to coat. Refrigerate for several hours if possible, but at least 30 minutes. Make the tzatziki sauce up to a day in advance, mixing all ingredients in a bowl.  

To make the chicken, heat a grill pan to medium and coat with olive oil. Grill chicken about 4 minutes on each side (for thin chicken tenders - more for thicker chicken breasts). Warm the pitas in the microwave for 15-20 seconds, then assemble the sandwiches with desired ingredients. We like to use looooots of sauce over here, so I actually doubled that tzatziki recipe to make sure we would never run out (and we might not, ever).

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