Baby Food: Cheesy Chicken Broccoli & Rice

Things have changed! I don't just cook for my friends & family anymore - I now cook for two little tykes that love to eat just as much as their mom. While there are a lot of things different about cooking for a baby, the one that I am enjoying the most so far is that I haven't gotten any negative feedback. Except for the time I misjudged how hot little Bax likes his food. I don't think he liked that.

So, from time to time I will post baby/kid recipes. They will NOT overtake this blog, and they will NOT be perfectly tried and tested and exact on the measurements. We moms don't have time for that! And if a baby dish wouldn't get 4 stars in a restaurant, guess what? We'll never hear about it.

Combine all ingredients in a food processor and puree until desired consistency. Add additional milk or water to thin it out as necessary for your baby's age. I tasted this and loved it! Could use some salt, but best save that treat for when the kiddo's get older. Freeze leftovers (there will be plenty)!