Fresh Corn on the Cob with Lime Butter, Queso Fresco and Ancho Chile

Does it bother anyone else when something is called 'fresh' in the recipe? I did it here just to test it out.  

I mean, wouldn't you always assume the ingredients to be fresh? Or should it be specified that in fact this recipe was made with week old corn on the cob? 

"Week old Corn on the Cob with Lime Butter, Queso Fresco and Ancho Chile.'

I suppose 'fresh' could also imply not canned or prepackaged.

"Canned Corn on the Cob with Lime Butter, Queso Fresco, and Ancho Chile.'

For the record, this was indeed made with fresh corn on the cob. My only point is that in most cases 'freshness' should be implied and shouldn't have to be stated. 

I feel the same way about 'homemade.' Like when someone posts something like 'Making homemade chicken rice casserole for dinner!.'  Um, yeah. You're making it.

Anyway, onto this corn. THIS CORN.  We love corn on the cob and it was fun to trick it up a bit.  Or is it trick it out? My street lingo is getting worse with age.  

Just a few simple ingredients made this corn super delicious and special and pretty, but still let the FRESH CORN flavor shine through.

New summer staple.

After soaking the corn in water, grill the ears on med-high for about 10-20 min, turning frequently to get charring on all sides.

While the corn is grilling, set out two small plates. On the first,  mix the butter and juice from half a lime. Spread the butter out to prepare for rolling the corn.  On the second plate, crumble plenty of queso fresco.  When the corn is done, let it sit for a couple minutes to cool down a bit, then roll it in the lime butter.  Season with plenty of salt. Follow with the queso fresco, then top off with a sprinkle of Ancho chile powder to taste.

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