My guacamole.... GOOD. Finally, my guacamole is GOOD.  I've spent years making guacamole for different festivities, and finally decided that I never liked it as much as the store bought kind. But then, I decided that I didn't like a lot of store bought kinds because they had too many red onions. So, with my back up against a wall (so to speak), my hand was forced. I had to give it another whirl.  And guess what? I will never eat another guacamole again. This is simple - really simple, and I guess that's how I like my guacamole.

And, it's Cinco de Mayo so I thought I should blog about guacamole!! What better way to celebrate the Mexican army's unlikely victory against Napoleon's French army in the 1800s than a good ol' bowl of guacamole.****

And....mash it all together. I like it a little chunky, so I don't over-mash. Serve with bite-size Tostitos, THE BEST TORTILLA CHIPS OF ALL TIME.

****Did you think Cinco de Mayo was Mexico's independence day? It's not.  
****Do you think Cinco de Mayo is a huge holiday in Mexico? It's not. In fact, they barely celebrate cinco de mayo at all! 

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