Southwestern Salad with Grilled Salmon

Sometimes my husband gets dinner inspiration from the most random places.  Last weekend, it was a bag of pre-washed butter lettuce at Trader Joe's. Butter lettuce. Who has ever been inspired by butter lettuce? No one. But from this "spotting" came the most delicious and satisfying and easy weeknight meal.  It tasted so indulgent for a salad, and is loaded with nutritional super stars like salmon, avocado, and black beans. 

For the record, this recipe does NOT require butter lettuce from Trader Joe's (I actually wasn't even allowed to get butter lettuce at Whole Foods - had to be TJ's).  Any old lettuce will do.

We grilled our red pepper and onion to give a nice caramelized charred flavor, but you wouldn't have to.  If we didn't have time to grill, we would probably omit the onions all together.  Mix the dressing ingredients together and refrigerate until ready to use.  Divide salad ingredients into two giant bowls (why are salads so much more appealing in giant bowls?), adjusting ingredients quantities as your heart desires, then toss with dressing and enjoy!