Risotto Balsamico with Grilled Chicken

Do you like that name? Risotto Balsamico? It just sounded right, and was more fun than calling it risotto with balsamic glaze.  I want to purse my lips and roll my tongue when I say it.  I want to make this again. Now. It was inspired by my husband's favorite dish at the italian restaurant Taverna in Dallas, and is shockingly easy and fancy at the same time.  In fact, my husband didn't want it at first because 'chicken is too boring for a Sunday.'  What? What was he expecting? Pork belly? 

Actually I really want to make pork belly soon. Maybe this Sunday.

Turned out, he said it's his new favorite dinner.  This recipe is really simple. I made my risotto recipe here, but without the mushrooms.  Then I marinated a few boneless skinless chicken breasts in a cup of balsamic salad dressing (I used Newman's Own), a quarter cup of olive oil, S&P, and some herbs from our garden (a few pinches of minced rosemary and thyme).  Only for an hour or two because that's all the time I had. Then we grilled it, and put it on top of the risotto and topped it with lots of balsamic glaze (store bought).  

I'm telling you guys, make this.  And limit your simultaneous italian bread intake to a normal amount so you don't end up in a carb coma like myself.

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