Easy Homemade AMAZING Funfetti Cake

I've spoken before about my fondness for Sally's Baking Addiction, and this cake couldn't be a better example. I will make this forever, for the rest of my life, every day.  Actually probably not every day because those sprinkles are very expensive.

Luckily, when we were in NYC last weekend, we got to see John's cousin AND celebrate her birthday. I love celebrating birthdays! And a birthday without cake is no celebration at all.  So my sister and I spent one baby-holding afternoon baking this cake on the side, and I have never been so pleased with a recipe. It's very easy, doesn't require layering, doesn't have 5 million ingredients, and it's flavorful and moist beyond belief.   Thanks Vee for turning a year older that day so we could all eat Funfetti cake on your behalf.  You can find the recipe here


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