Favorite Singapore Eats

Hi! I'm back from the far East. And while I haven't really been cooking, I have definitely been eating. There are soooo many great restaurants in Singapore, which is sort of shocking given that I think that the average weight of a skinny-minny Singaporean is probably 80 lbs.  And while I like to say that they just lucked out in the gene pool, I caught myself at a wonderful Italian restaurant called Garibaldi eating this:
Pistachio flan...
And Parmigiana di Melanzane (Neopolitan baked eggplant with mozzarella, basil & tomato sauce)...
And Fettucine Pomodoro...
While the Singaporean next to me ate soup. Just soup. So not such a big mystery after all. I was taking lots of pictures of my food though so I'm hoping everyone assumed I was a food critic and not a piggy American.  Anyway, the food was fantastic.  Delicious, authentic, perfect Italian cuisine. And a beautiful restaurant in a really fun area.

I also had another wonderful dinner at a place called Indochine along the Singapore river.  
Beautiful restaurant and amazing patio on the water,  and I never knew I liked Indo-Chinese food so much. In fact I didn't even know that was a cuisine.  But it includes these delicious stir fried noodles with prawns (called Mee Khmer):
And this view...

Then on to my faaaaavorite restaurant I have been to in Singapore, House Cafe on Dempsey Hill. 
Look at that patio! Of course no one was eating out there because it's always 105 degrees in Singapore with 100% humidity.  It's a nice thought though.  

The whole Dempsey Hill area is apparently very popular for Saturday/Sunday brunch, complete with mimosa and bloody mary specials. And in the case of this restaurant, an entire menu of french fry variations (if you can see it peering through my glass of wine):
I tried two, the truffle zucchini fries and the sweet potato niblets.
To go along with my eggs benedict.
If you're seeing a theme of over ordering here, you're right. I can only tell you that when you're eating alone for so many meals in a row, food is your friend. So is wine.

I showed a little more restraint when I ate at Club Street Social the next day, which is a cute trendy little restaurant tucked away on a mini side street. I had a great caprese sandwich with prosciutto. And that's it.
And finally, I topped off my tour-de-eating with a cozy little french bistro &Made by celebrity chef Bruno Menard. 
I had a delicious salmon sandwich with dill-mustard-tartar sauce and THE BEST FRENCH FRIES EVER - served with chipotle-bbq-ketchup.  Great idea, Bruno.
And there ends my all-you-can-eat weekend in Singapore. I felt quite accomplished, actually. I hit a lot of Singapore hotspots and had some really great meals.  In my mind there's no better way to enjoy another country than to enjoy their food. Luckily I enjoy the hotel gym, too.