Fried Eggs on a Salt Block

Have you seen a Himalayan Salt Block before? I hadn't until I received one from my sister for my cooking endeavors, and now I'm hooked on experimenting. It's a large (and rather heavy) block of super pure and natural salt that you can use for cooking, serving, chilling, etc. How fun! Coincidentally, I LOVE SALT. And when you cook on this, it perfectly salts your food and gives it a really delicious flavor. I will let you read more about it on the website, but the whole idea is kind of amazing. You can heat it to super high temperatures to cook on, or you can freeze it to serve chilled appetizers. I knew I loved salt, and now it's confirmed that it truly is a superfood.

Frying eggs has been my favorite use so far. It's easy and I looooove salty eggs served over toast. And peppery eggs, as you can tell from the photo above. It's the one and only culinary trait I inherited from my father.

So, I placed the salt block directly over a burner (we have a gas range).  I started the heat at low to warm it up a bit, then gradually increased the heat to medium-high. I let the block heat up for about 20 minutes or so, then I threw on about a tablespoon of butter. I let the butter melt, then added two eggs. And lots of pepper. In minutes you'll have fried eggs with a perfectly unique and salty flavor infused into them!

I feel very creative and resourceful with my salt block, like I am one step closer to being able to live off the land.  Because that's clearly one of my long term goals. Thanks B!