Banana Nutella Bread

Sorry for the lack of posting! I have been traveling for work a lot, which is not conducive to cooking or baking. I did, however, find time to make Banana Nutella Bread last weekend, and I am now finding time to tell you about it.

Is there really anything to say about Banana Nutella Bread? Unless you live in a cave or are a troll you've eaten Nutella and love it. I've had a jar sitting in my pantry that I needed to get rid of - and by 'rid of' I mean transform it into something not quite so accessible with a spoon or a hand - so I decided to layer it into banana bread. Bananas, chocolate, hazelnut, skim milk (yes, Nutella really has 'skim milk' as one of the ingredients on the front label.....verrrrrry tricky marketing guys).....amazing combo.

I simply took my Banana Bread recipe, poured half of it in a greased 8x8 brownie pan, warmed up about a cup of Nutella mixed with 1 tablespoon of Canola Oil (this thins it out a bit), poured it over the first half, then topped with the remaining Banana Bread batter. Then I took a knife and did a mini-swirl. If you bake it in a brownie pan, it only bakes for about 45 minutes at 350, or until a toothpick comes out clean. MAKE IT NOW.

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