Grilled Onions and Mushrooms in Red Wine

There's not much to this recipe, the title says it all. As a side dish last week I grilled sliced onions and mushrooms in foil, with plenty of red wine (Castle Rock Pinot Noir), and salt and pepper. I heated the grill to medium-high and grilled for about 30 minutes or so, until the onions were nice and tender. If you want the onions a bit charred, you could throw them directly on the grates for a few minutes before serving.

My postings have been sparse and lackluster lately, I know. But it is too hot here to do much cooking - I have turned into a lazy sloth. Plus last Sunday John and I wanted to try Rockfish, a casual and fun seafood place that we are forcing ourselves to get into after we got kicked out of our favorite Fish City restaurant on Henderson. We didn't really get kicked out, they closed. But it sure feels like rejection to me. Anyway, double thumbs up to Rockfish - we'll definitely be going back for the po' boys and gumbo.

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