S'Mores In A Pot (Guest Post by Kirta Carroll)

When Gretchen asked me to do a guest post, I had to think long and hard about what recipe I would want to share with her readers. Wait - that entire sentence is a lie. Gretchen didn't ask me to do this - I invited myself - and I really only have about two recipes in my skill set so the decision was an easy one. Unlike Gretchen, I am not a master of the kitchen and in fact, just recently figured out that the "Lite" setting on my burners actually mean light the gas, not low heat. (Apologies to my husband and yes, my mother taught me better).

Anyway, now that I've totally destroyed any of my cooking credibility, I think it's time to share a recipe for the best dessert in the world. The good news is that if there is one thing I do know, it is dessert. 

I love S'Mores. But admittedly, I have a few problems with them. 1) Authentically speaking, the means of making them is hard to come by. The older I get the less time I spend by campfires. 2) They are small! The size of a graham cracker square makes for unavoidable portion control.

Fortunately, this recipe solves both problems! No campfire necessary and you can serve yourself as much as you want.

S'Mores In A Pot (or Skillet)

1 bag of chocolate chips
1 package of graham crackers
1 can of sweetened condensed milk (14 oz)
1 bag of mini marshmallows

Coat a oven-proof skillet with cooking spray. I am not sure  "oven-proof" is a term that actual cooks use, but I think you know what I mean. Take your graham crackers and pour them into the skillet. I used these new small graham squares but regular-sized graham crackers work too. 
Crush your graham crackers. Use a measuring cup as your smashing tool if you left all of your non-elementary cooking supplies in Chicago when you moved to New York.  
When your graham crackers are satisfactorily crushed, take your bag of chocolate chips and sprinkle them across the graham cracker remnants. 
More graham crackers...
Once you're done layering, open your can of condensed milk and pour on top of the graham cracker and chips.

I find this dessert works out best if you give it some settling time in your fridge to let the condensed milk soak into the crackers. I recommend 3-4 hours if you can wait that long.

Once you're ready to cook, preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Put your skillet in the oven and set your timer for 10-15 minutes. Check the contents after this initial time and make sure your chocolate chips have fully melted and that you can't see any of pools of condensed milk. Once you've achieved this perfect ratio melting to absorption, add your marshmallows on top and put the skillet back in the oven. 
After 5 minutes, turn on your broiler and toast the top lightly to give your 'mallows that campfire crust.
Remove from the oven and enjoy immediately! I recommend serving over ice cream though it's just as delicious on its own..and it's just as delicious cold the next day. (Or later that night if you can't wait that long). I've also substituted some of the chocolate chips for peanut butter or toffee chips and think that pretzels or saltine crackers would be amazing in lieu of graham crackers.